Cross-chain Compatibility

We believe that cross-chain is the future. Despite Ethereum holding the majority of the value in DeFi today, funds are flowing to other chains which may be cheaper, faster, or has a particular dApp. In other words, there will always be other chains. These chains include:

  1. Ethereum scaling solutions eg. Optimistic and zk rollups

  2. Sidechains eg. Polygon, Gnosis, Skale, etc.

  3. Ethereum killers eg. Solana, Near, Cardano, etc.

  4. Application-focused chains eg. Gamefi, Metaverse, Socialfi, data storage, music etc.

  5. Corporate/State-owned chains who want to keep their data private

Many chains are fighting to process the highest throughputs with the lowest cost. This creates an opportunity for more powerful dApps and better yield. Liquidity will have to be moved to these chains one way or the other. Though many small chains emerge, funds may still run back to larger chains due to its strong ecosystem and infrastructure.

This is why we emphasize on going cross-chain which is a catalyst to our mission and vision.

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