Higher leverage with higher efficiency across any networks and protocols

NillaConnect is created to provide higher yield in your favorite assets while ensuring higher efficiency across any networks while also being composable across different dApps.

So how does NillaConnect achieve this?

Introducing NillaConnect's P2P leverage optimizer

Enhancing Capital Efficiency

By matching the lenders directly to borrowers, it ensures that 100% of liquidity is utilized as the funds move directly between the counterparties. This ensures better capital efficiency, leading to better rates for both sides, which means tighter spreads. This also comes with permissionless collateralization on any supported networks.

Ensuring Liquidity

With this infrastructure, there would still be connectivity to the underlying pool in terms of where the liquidity is being kept before it is matched with the borrowers. The users will either be matched immediately or be connected with the underlying pool. This means suppliers can start earning yield immediately without having to wait for a match. Our system also handles the matching and switching from pools to peers for the P2P APY, so the users do not have to take further actions - everything is automated with our system.

Yield Composability

With a liquid and capital efficient lending/borrowing, users are able to reduce the cost of capital or increase their yield. Users can open an N-Position(s), where it is highly composable with various yields of your favorite assets aggregated into NillaConnect, allowing users to discover and identify different profit making strategies, while also enabling them to boost the yield, which further increases the margin for their gains.

NillaConnect wants yield to be accessible to anyone and enabling the masses to be able to control their cost of capital, and/or boost their yield leading to a higher margin in yield generation.

These components make up NillaConnect

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