As NillaConnect’s architecture was tailored to push the limits of yield earning, with a technical stack built to support omni-chain, automation, yield aggregation and leverage yield optimizer it allows NillaConnect to be able to execute leverage with our P2P layer and use it across DeFi.

Underlying Lending Pool

The underlying pool acts like a safe for the suppliers' funds before being matched P2P, where their funds are deposited to the underlying pool (eg. Aave), meaning that they can start earning yield immediately. This implies that the lowest rate that users can receive is the rate provided by the underlying lending pool, while having the possibility of obtaining better rates.

Price Oracles

NillaConnect combines top-tier cross-chain oracle services from Chainlink and Band Protocol to ensure the price feed is accurate at all times. This helps to eliminate a single point of failure in case one oracle service is out of sync, our product can still function normally.


NillaConnect has its own independent liquidators that directly scan the book of users. NillaConnect mirrors on-chain all the collateral ratios and close factors of the lending pools. This way, given that NillaConnect's liquidators operate normally, there should never be bad debt on the suppliers' side.

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