How it works

NillaConnect acts as a proxy between the underlying lending pools and the counterparty to create the P2P model.

For Suppliers

Simply deposit your funds in NillaConnect and the system will automatically deposit your funds to the underlying pool waiting for it to be matched with a borrower.

  1. If the order is matched: we will match you with a borrower and provide you with P2P APY (better rates)

  2. If the order is NOT matched: we will deposit your funds into the underlying lending pool and provide you with the pool's APY (the same rate you would get for depositing in the underlying pool) until there is a borrower.

Therefore, the worst rate that you could get is the underlying pool's rate as if you were to deposit your funds in a lending pool. In other words, you don't lose anything. You go through the same exact process, but you have a chance to get better rates with NillaConnect.

What if I want my funds back, but the counterparty hasn't repaid?

While your order is matched, it means that your funds are being lent in P2P to a counterparty. Our system will first try to find another counterparty to match the existing borrower. If there are counterparties, the borrower will be matched with them seamlessly, while the lender gets their funds back successfully.

However, if there are no counterparties available to match, then you have to wait until the utilization rate returns to its normal state before funds can be freed up. However, we have mitigated this risk with our APY model.

Read more about our APY model.

For borrowers

Simply select the asset and quantity you want to borrow and we will match you with a supplier and provide you with the P2P rate (better rates). It's as simple as that.

How do I get more matches?

NillaConnect prioritizes orders in a value-to-time priority. This means that the higher the value of your orders, you will be matched first. If the value of different orders are the same, then the order that came first will be matched. Read more about our matching engine.

Once you have borrowed...

You have successfully opened your N-Position! Select a plethora of assets you like and boost your yield on those assets. Our leverage is highly composable with various assets and DeFi protocols allowing you to select your own investments and strategies across any network, while being able to control your cost of capital, yielding better returns.

Various selected yield sources from protocols across all networks are aggregated for you to select how you want your funds to grow. This way, you do not have to leave the interface to complete any additional actions. NillaConnect can handle it all. Simply select your desired asset, the quantity, the network, and you are all set! Our system will handle the logistics to provide you with the yield you want without additional hassle.

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