What we offer

NillaConnect currently offers three types of yield products:

1. Omni-chain Vault Aggregation

NillaConnect focuses on aggregating vaults with single-sided liquidity pools, with auto-compound. This allows users to have passive APY, with lower gas fees, and no impermanent loss.

2. Capital Efficient Lending/Borrowing

P2P Efficiency

Your yield is not shared with other users in the pool. Therefore, all of your hard-earned capital is put to work to fully earn the yield that you deserve.

Improved rates

With the enhanced capital efficiency in P2P, the funds are fully utilized within each lending/borrowing action. This means that the spread can come closer to near zero at the day of opening the position, meaning that the borrowers can pay less interest, while the lender can obtain higher yield creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Omni-chain collateral

This allows users to collateralize any of their assets on any source chain that NillaConnect’s contracts are deployed on, while being able to swap and/or transfer any assets across any networks to access higher yield opportunities.

3. Leveraged Yield Farming

P2P as a Service (PaaS)

NillaConnect is highly composable. With the lower yield in some assets, NillaConnect allows users to take P2P leveraged positions on various DeFi yield sources and protocols, which can increase their returns on their favorite assets, creating endless opportunities.

0% funding rates

The leverage provided by NillaConnect is not reliant on derivative positions but rather implemented through genuine assets in pools on third-party protocols. Since NillaConnect doesn't generate its own trading pairs, there's no requirement to maintain a short/long ratio with funding rates. Everything happens in third-party protocols and P2P.

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