Managing your N-Account

After opening your N-Accoun, there are four available actions that you can perform to manage it:

  1. Add

Add action allows users to supply more collateral to your existing N-Account. This will result in a decrease in the debt ratio as collateral credit is increased.

  1. Remove

The Remove action allows users to partially or fully withdraw the collateral from a position as well as pay back the debt.

  • If users withdraw the collateral (without paying back the debt), the debt ratio will be increased as collateral credit is decreased while borrow credit remains the same.

  • if users pay back the debt (without withdrawing the collateral), the debt ratio will be decreased as borrow credit is decreased while collateral credit remains the same.

  1. Claim

This action allows users to claim the yield farming reward.

  1. Close

Before closing your N-Account, the protocol would want you to pay back your debt. That is the loan you took with the interest accrued to it over the time you opened your N-Account. You can see this amount in the Dashboard.

There are two options to pay back:

  • Use the N-Account's funds to repay the debt by automatically swapping all positions inside it to the underlying asset, from which the debt (notional loan + interest accrued) are subtracted and then the difference is given back to you. The better you trade, the more you will get.

  • Use your own funds to repay the debt in the underlying asset - and receive all the assets from the N-Account back to your wallet. Essentially, you prepay the debt, and then the N-Account releases all the funds on its balance to your personal wallet.

For suppliers, please see Exit Mechanism.

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