Is NillaConnect a bridge?

No, NillaConnect is not a bridge. We are powered by LI.FI, a DEX and bridge aggregator to handle relaying messages across chains. We provide cross-chain lending and borrowing at a better capital efficiency to be used for leverage in various yield sources aggregated in NillaConnect.

Does NillaConnect have on-chain swaps?

Yes, NillaConnect supports both cross-chain and on-chain swaps.

What chains are supported?

Initially, we will be supporting ETH, AVAX, and POLY for our first beta to get access to chains with the most users and volume. Once we go public, many more chains will be supported.

Is NillaConnect custodial?

NillaConnect is non-custodial, meaning that we do not control or manage your funds. You always have full control whether you want to deposit, withdraw, or redeem, you can do so at any time you want. The contracts are trustless and permissionless allowing full decentralization.

Where did the name "Nilla" come from?

Nil is zero. The shape of the number zero is a shape where the line is connected into an oval which represents an interconnected ecosystem, just like how we envision the DeFi world to be in the future.

What are NillaConnect's Terms of Service?

You can read NillaConnect's Terms of Service here. Make sure you read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Service before accessing our Service.

What does "public preview" mean?

Public preview documents are ready for public consumption with the condition that it still needs to be measured, validated, and optimized. This only applies to certain pages; not the protocol's and smart contracts. The public preview is to be lifted when there is no

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