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NillaConnect aims to be the universal P2P leverage optimizer of DeFi
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NillaConnect is a universal P2P leverage optimizer that is built on top of leading lending protocols like Aave, Compound, etc. We provide capital efficient leverage through P2P, in order to optimize users’ capital efficiency, so that users are able to earn higher yield on their preferred assets, on their preferred network, in their preferred protocols which we aggregate into our platform.
Users of NillaConnect should be able to complete any complex actions such as bridge, stake, redeem, collateralize, deposit, universally within one click. Lenders benefit from higher yield with the same if not easier process. Borrowers benefit from higher profits resulting from larger position size with lower interest costs.
The leverage optimizer is a key feature built on top of the NillaConnect yield aggregator that enables users to boost their APY in NillaConnect by enhancing liquidity efficiency. This allows users to lend and borrow with higher capital efficiency, as well as earning high yields across DeFi protocols. We are helping to identify and create a whole new paradigm of earning passive yield, and high yield seeking across DeFi while abstracting the concern of being on a chain or holding a token.


We are utilizing the un-utilized funds in DeFi. Since the majority of the funds users deposit into lending pools these days are left idle, it is not capital efficient and it can be used to create value. We will help to create value with the idle funds ensuring that users are getting the yield resulting from the work of 100% of their capital, not from the minority. With this, we will maximize the yield earned from those funds, creating countless attractive yield opportunities in DeFi and become a catalyst to accelerate DeFi mass adoption.


We have a vision of DeFi mass adoption in the near future. We believe that people will still seek higher yields, there will be a lot more chains than today, and the fact that money will always be created means that more or less of the money in the system will flow into DeFi. This is why NillaConnect was created, as an infrastructure to prepare for the funds flowing in, allowing them to be fully utilized for higher yields, while ensuring users navigate different yield opportunities across various chains easily.
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